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Lets be smart, lets not change what we are doing, but look at how we are doing it

Smarter for us

Our Homes spaces are the biggest investment we make. Our workspaces are the places we spend most of our time. When we are not spending time in our personal home spaces, we are probably in our workspace doing things to afford our personal space. It makes sense that given the amount of effort and time we invest, that these are comfortable, affordable, and enjoyable. When we feel our best, we do our best and our build environment impacts on our mental and physical wellbeing. A well-designed Architectural space works smartly to support us, well considering our wants and needs.


Smarter Spaces Smaller

Size is a dominate factor in buying, selling, building, and renovating our spaces today.  But what if you could make a smaller space work just as well as a larger space. Smart design is about reducing the volume of space created without compromising the space required. This has benefits for the build cost as well as ongoing maintenance and energy costs. As our population grows and our land availability becomes less abundant, we need to more to a smaller but smarter space mentality.

Its not about how much we have to use but how well we use what we have got. Quality over quantity.

Stunning Sustainable Spaces

Our spaces say a lot about us. Architecture really is the experience of space, not the realisation of a building. Beautiful and inspiration architectural spaces can inspire us and reflect some part of our personality, provide shelter and protection, give us physical comfort, but they also need to bring us joy.

And as our conscious consumer mindset grows and as we increasingly embrace supporting local, this should be reflected in what we create to shape our everyday experience. Eco spaces have traditionally been of a particular style, but with a wider focus on sustainability and improvements in technology we are able to have that beautiful home that works with the sustainability with the climate.

Site Specific Design

There are various considerations when considering altering a home or creating a new one. Every site is different, and it is critical to make sure your aspirations and design work with the site, not against it.

With site sizes becoming smaller and our suburbs denser, we cannot longer rely on an abundance of land space to provide outdoor living areas, outdoor private space for connection to nature and acoustic privacy from our neighbours.

When developing our site layout and site plan, we need to be more aware of the urban surroundings we are working with and also how to introduce good architectural design that still provide us with privacy, outdoor space and sound control from our neighbours.

Each site presents its own unique opportunities and challenges and its how our build environment works with the spaces that it creates that can greatly determine a good home from a great home.

Smarter Healthier Design

Our homes can support out health, they also can support disease. Our housing stock in New Zealand has shown that we must consider our homes as investment in our health as more and more studies highlight our poor indoor qualities. Recent events in the Architectural space has shown New Zealand homes can perform better and need to, to get closer to the rest of the worlds standards.

Smart design is about creating spaces that work with the surrounding environment, able to change with the seasons to bring about an interior environment that supports the people who use them to achieve a healthy standard of living.  

Le Corbusier, described the house as “the machine for living in.” 

Our machines (spaces) need to be user friendly, comfortable, and healthy to create and to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing.

Sharon really listened to our ideas and used her artistic flair to create a beautiful home for us. We feel like we are living in an award wining home. We have created our dream lifestyle. Everythings works. 

Tony - Mystery Creek Farmhouse
Architectural Design Raglan
Architectural designer Hamilton
Architect Cambridge
Architecture Te Awamutu


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