One of the things that I used  to tell my clients pre-project, “this is not supposed to be stressful.” I don’t think that I will say that ever again. This is stressful. This has challenged me in so many ways, but never for one minute do I regret it. The biggest contributor to my stress is time or lack of it. I have been surprised at the amount of time I have had to give this project, both in terms of being on-site for decisions but also for doing little bits (like lifting up old vinyl or stripping old wallpaper) whilst attempting to keep life ticking along as per usual.


I haven’t regretted the time spent on this project, being on-site for decisions has taught me a huge amount, and kept me in touch with my project. When in the project process it is hard to see how the time frames fit in with the big picture. My advice is to anyone considering a building project, be prepared to make time to make decisions, both before the project starts on site and while it is in progress. Understand that there will be compromises to your normal everyday lifestyle, but remember in the grand scheme of things, this is short term. Once you are back in your space or in your new space, the time stress will be forgotten. 

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