Project Programme is another item, like money that is sometimes hard to quantify and also something that inevitably gets challenged. Six weeks was probably a rather ambitious time frame to work to for my alteration. 


Looking back over the timing of the project, there was seldom a week when something wasn't happening. All trades are very busy especially pre Christmas time and it is worth taking the time to get things right and done in the right order. What I am grateful for, is having the time in between trades to complete the little things, that later on would be harder to do, like sanding the existing timber trims in the house while it was unoccupied and dusty. Rather than look at the extension to my original exceptions as frustration, I am grateful that there has been time to not only be involved in my project to the extent that I have been but also to have a little time for a break from it all. It is an intense period, and everyday life does go on in the background. I  keep telling myself that stressing about the programme was going to make me enjoy this process less and also make it less enjoyable for those working on my project. I know that once I am back living in my house, that program will be forgotten. 

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