This is a crash course in the Architects and Architectural Designers process. While it may differ from practice to practice, the purpose of these blogs is to take out some of the fearful unknowns and start to bridge the gap between clients and designers with explanations and plane terms rather than industry jargon.

The process is similar between NZIA (New Zealand Institute of Architects) and ADNZ (Architectural Designers New Zealand) as well as for any independent designers who aren’t affiliated with those organiSations.  The entire purpose of the process is to help you step by step, but there have been some steps missing that may make it easier and then there may be too many steps in some practises which makes it confusing. I am explaining my process (which is based on both) but hopefully in a way that will help you understand why it is and how it adds value to your process.

I hope to bring a level of understanding of this process for those of you who are looking for it. 

For more information and additional links to this process click HERE

There are links on this page that lead to other blogs on each stage. For a brochure my services along with some tips click HERE

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