This stage is where we add more detail to the considered concept design. We have made changes to the concept design so that you are feeling good and excited about the design and sure about your dream home.

Here we start to engage with other people who are needed on your projects such as Engineers who do soil tests, design of specific structural items, stormwater design and wastewater design. May we involve a Quantity Surveyor to give an estimate (commonly called a schedule of quantities) so you can have a more robust idea of where your build is sitting with today's construction prices. This stage is also useful if your project requires additional consent in the form of planning (or Resource Consent) which is sometimes necessary.

Each project has a slightly different requirement. It's important that this process allows those differences to be accommodated early on to keep the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. This stage is we can accommodate your specific requirements. 

I hope this goes to explain the design part of the process works. I know there are some additional steps that other practices use, but the idea is to refine and develop the design using my skills and to keep consulting with you as much as possible. This stage is really about forward movement and development of the design in a way that supports your budget, design aspirations and expectations, allow the easy inclusion of the parties that are needed for the next stage.

To learn more about the next stage Building Consent Documentation click HERE

To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources.

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