This is the nitty-gritty of the design work and the bulk work of your project Its the part that needs clarity and accuracy if it is to flow in an efficient manner. It is the documentation of your design, a set of instructions and specifications which is three-fold. Firstly, it is to demonstrate to the local authority how your project complies with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Secondly, it also needs to include any consultants work (consultants are specialists in services outside the architectural scope, like Engineers who carry out soil Tests, Stormwater Design, Septic system design, and Structurally Engineered Items or systems) And it is my role to co-ordinate these consultants and also ensure that their specific design works with your overall design without compromise.

Thirdly, it is the set of instructions that your builder uses to give you a fixed contract price. It needs to have enough information so that your builder is not guessing or putting lots of contingency sums into your project, which can lead to some costly surprises later on. The more accurate and more information your builder has to price the job, the fewer surprises you will see when you get into the building of your project unless you make changes. Also the easier it is for him to do your job as he is clear about what he (or she) needs to do and organize for. 

Lastly, this is also the set of instructions the builder uses to build your house. If I am not engaged beyond achieving building consent I cannot offer any help to the builder or you to work out solutions on-site, other than building consent approval (which you would have been granted before you started on-site). So if you aren’t going to engage me beyond building consent it is critical to have a quality set of plans. If you wish to see the level of detail I provide at this stage, I can show you an example of past projects that match your project scope at the Design Advice Consultation. Please request this when talking to me about arranging a meeting. 

To learn more about the next stage, Building Consent at Council, click HERE

To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources.


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