This is the stage that many people moan about how long it takes. Your local Council needs to check all the documentation for your project to ensure that your project conforms with the New Zealand Building Code. Legally the process needs to take 20 working days without any requests for further information. Most projects end up with a Request for Further Information (RFI) asking for some clarification or further information on the project. Please know that its normal and a sign that the system is working. People are checking to make sure your project is what it is meant to be at a minimum. If you take the view that this is a good thing for your project, it takes the unexpected and unappreciated waiting time to be seen in a different light. 

This is a great time to start talks with your builder, giving him or her information that he (or she) needs to give you an accurate price. More and more builders are reluctant to price on design drawings even for an estimate, so this time can be used wisely to get the finalized costs for your project established. 

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To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources.

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