Here is some more detail on the first question that anyone dreaming of their home needs to ask themselves.

This is the most important question to start with. And it’s a stage that often gets overlooked by clients and I believe it is a missed opportunity if not embraced fully. This part of the process sets our your wishlist for your dream home. This is the dreaming stage. And this journey is you going from Dreaming of your home through all the stages to Being in your Dream Home. This is the stage that has the potential to add great value to your project before you meet with your designer to establish a design brief. 

So here are some tips on how to answer this question and start to get some answers

  1. Set aside time every day or every other day to step into your dream home workshop, just 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t do this in one sitting. It’s a huge amount of pressure to put on yourselves and limits your ability to make informed choices.
  2. Schedule a meeting time with people who are going to be living in this dream home with you so that you can share and collaborate your aspirations for this home. Scheduling it in makes it happen in an easier way. 
  3. If you are a list person. Put a list on the fridge with a pen. Evaluate and adjust the list whenever you use the fridge, it keeps the ideas you are processing in front of mind in everyday life.
  4. Start a Pinterest or Houzz board and collaborate on this with your Partner, Spouse and Children. Make it a family exercise. It can be a fun one. 
  5. If your children are young, make a physical vision board with images and words pasted onto a piece of cardboard. Make it fun
  6. Lastly, the golden nugget, For every item or image you choose, ask yourself why you chose it and how it makes you feel. What is it that you are attracted to? How does this idea or image make me feel?  And capture it by writing it down or type it below the pinned image. This is the information that is the best and incredibly helpful when forming a design brief with your designer during a Design Advice Consultation.

Lastly, have fun. If this process starts out stressful it is going to be hard work to continue along with it, so embrace this time to step into a place embracing the joy of dreaming of your new home. 

Click HERE to check out some Pinterest Boards that I have created to give you some inspiration for your dream home vision board. 


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