This is the process that I use, and I have refined it after working experience in both Architects and Designers offices. Some people get really overwhelmed with the prospect of working with a designer or Architect and I have come to understand that. I have asked many people, over the years, to explain the areas that they find frustrating, and one of these is a lack of understanding of what is going on. No this isn’t your fault at all, Designer and Architects are very good at explaining our process to each other, but we use jargon and terms that confuse most people not familiar with the process

So here is my Design process in condensed form, which starts after you have done your homework and gathered all your visions for your dream home.

Design Advice Consultation – “What am I going to Do”

 This a meeting where we discuss budget, build cost, consultants, your site or existing home if you are altering it and your vision. All this information together forms the Design Brief. It is important to have these conversations upfront so that we all have realistic expectations of what it is we are going to achieve.

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Design Stage “What Does This Look Like”

This is when the design brief takes on a 3Dimensional form starting with a Concept Design and then getting more detailed in Developed Design. Here we make a lot of decisions about your home. We see it in 3Dimensional form and choose materials and we also talk about heating systems, structural ideas and all the other components that we need to include in your new home.

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Documentation Stage “How Does this Go Together”

This is the super detailed and technical stage. This is effectively a set of instructions for two parties, the BCAs (building Consent Authorities) and your Builder. The BCAs need to give your project Building Consent Approval and your Builder needs to start to understand how to build your project.  It builds on all the decisions we have made and details them up so that we know how they all fit together in your new home.

To read more about Building Consent Documentation click HERE

To read more about Building Consent at Council click HERE


On-Site Observation – Building Stage

This is the stage where your builder gets to work and your vision from right at the beginning becomes to come to life. My role here is to offer the consistency of the process using my knowledge of your aspirations, our decisions, the design and detail into this stage. I also advise on the effects of any changes you may wish to make on-site.

To learn more about Site Observation cilck HERE

This process is structured so that your dreams and aspirations are exceeded by the reality of your dream home. That's what I aspire to create with my clients. 

I hope this helps take the fear out of this process and give you a better understanding of how this process works at its absolute best for you.

To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources including a free PDF download. 

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