Building a team is about investing in your process for a great result. Because great processes give great results and great teams invest in great processes/ My advice for you, to have a successful and enjoyable design and build process is to focus on building relationships.

The name of the game is to go through the journey from dreaming about your new home to being in your new home with the right ground of people to help you on that journey.

These people have experience and skills, which you require, and which can add great value to your process and they genuinely want you to be happy with the finished result. Building your New Home or Altering your existing home is potentially the great investment you make in your life, and you want to get this right.

So it makes sense to build your team with people you relate to, trust and enjoy working with.

Here are 5 questions I think you should ask yourself when considering someone for your team.

  1. Do I feel or think I can trust this person?

  2. Did they answer my questions honestly or did they just tell me what I wanted to hear?

  3. Do I feel or do I think they listened to me?

  4. Do I feel or do I think that they understand my requirements, family situation, and budget?

  5. And the big one, could I have a tough conversation with this person and find a solution when there is a problem with the project. To go through a project with no problems is simply not realistic but a great team builds the foundation for problems solving capacity.

Remember great teams achieve great results, and great teams have great relationships. 

To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources.

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