Insurance is something that we don’t really think about in the beginning, but you want to think about it before it’s too late.

If you are building or renovating your project, you will probably want some insurance, your bank may even make it a condition.

If you are building a new house, the builder takes out insurance for your project on your behalf, because he effectively has exclusive access to the site. Ask your builder about the insurance and check it in the building contract that he has some and that it is in line with the value of the works. You don’t want to be underinsured. Most banks will ask to see a copy of this for the mortgage lending criteria.

When you are doing an alteration, its slightly different and you as the homeowner, when you already own parts of the building and sometimes are still living in it during the works, need to take out contract works insurance yourself. Talk to your insurance broker or insurance company about getting contract works insurance in place. If your alteration works are over the value of $30,000 by law, you need a building contract with your builder in place. And make sure that those works together with any other contracts you may have in place (if you are project managing and engaging other trades separately) are covered by the amount that you are insuring for.

Items like this are handy to know and this is where it is valuable to me on board for On-Site Observation. I have a little blog on this and on why I recommend it and see the benefit for both builders and clients. 


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