The story is all to common, "I told my Architect what my budget was and it ended up costing way more than that"

I have often asked a client what their budget allows for, and many tell me they don’t know, so lets find out about what you might mean by budget and what I need to understand about your budget.

At a Design Advise Consultation, we have a conversation about your budget, what it includes and excludes and other costs you didn’t anticipate. We don’t like nasty stressful surprises.

So, we are going to start with the figure in your head that you have for this entire process and then explain the differences between the two definitions.

When you tell me your budget, I have come understand you probably mean the cost for the whole build process including the build cost, consent fees, consultants, my fees and any other costs you might not have considered.

What I need to understand is your build budget so that I can design to what you can afford. So we need to get on the same page about what budget we are referring to and be realistic about the other associated costs of your project.

We need to do some calculations, now having a better understanding of your aspirations, site, scope and requirements, to break down your figure into a build budget and the various costs of the build process. Fees such as consultants and consent fees can have an approximate but realistic figure and we talk about a contingency sum. You know, money that covers you in case of an emergency.

Sleepless nights because you don’t how know to afford to finish financing your proejct or the drama (and shame) of going back to the Bank to beg for more money doesn’t have to happen.

Another item we discus at this Design Advise Consultation is getting an elemental estimate at Developed Design Stage. I strongly recommend getting the currently market trends evaluated against your design at Developed Design Stage as a cost check to see if your project is tracking in alighment with your budget. It can also be very useful in conversations with the bank to get your loan in place.

If you want to explore the costs for your project, get in touch and we can arrange a Design Advise Consultation.

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