So how do you know what you are paying for? I mean there are designers right, and then there are designers. How do you get a feel for the tangible deliverables on your project before you sign on the dotted line?

‚ÄčIt okay to have that struggle about “how much” and “for what” in your head. What I am striving for, is to reduce the conflict that the thought process creates for you. To help you understand what you are paying for and what you require. 


This is where there is a value of asking to see examples of work that a designer has done. Please ask me to show you this at a Design Advice Consultation if you wish to see examples of my work. I am not referring to the images on my website.  I am referring to sighting an example of the design drawings and the documentation drawings that I have completed for other clients in the past. This can either be in the form of designs on my website, maybe an example of a concept I have done (so you get to see what your fee is paying for) and an example of some building consent documentation that I have done for another client with a similar project.

This is something I do at the Design Advice Consultation for my clients and I can choose examples to show you that are similar to your project, so you get a clear idea of what I am going to do for you and what value I can give you.

Here’s why I suggest this. When we look at a fee simply in monetary terms, we are looking at a service that doesn’t have a tangible element to it. This is a process, not a product so it’s a hard one to relate to for many. If you understand the level and quality of workmanship of the process you are engaging a designer for, it makes the process more tangible for you.

For many years designers and architects have worked in the fog of misunderstanding. Not many people understand what we do and how we help you. What you tapping into is the skills, experience, and knowledge that informs what I create and one of the ways to get an understanding of this is to see it in the form of drawings and designs, to get a sense of what I personally can do for you and your project.

This fog leads to many stresses between designers and clients and I totally understand how if you cannot see the value in the fee amount, it is hard to have faith or to appreciate the value if you don’t have anything tangible. So, ask to see something that might help you understand the value. It’s all about understanding and being on the same page. I can show examples of my work at the Design Advice Consultation so that we get on the same page about what you are getting and what I do for you.

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