Its something as low as 4-5% of projects has on-site observation by the Architect or designer who designed the building in the residential sector in New Zealand, it may even be lower. This is something that needs to change because I am convinced that many of the issues we are seeing in construction and building industries can be avoided by having your designer continue with the process of your project on-site. So, here is the value that I think having me see your project through from conception to completion brings to you and your project.

  1. Awareness of the original design brief and all the decisions that lead to that in the design There is one person who knows your project the best as you are starting on-site, that's your designer.  As a sole practitioner, I know every inch of it. I know every aspiration, every decision and every instruction that has been considered through the design and documentation process. Your builder has just come one board, so he needs time to catch up and he hasn’t been there with you from the start. This is where I can assist him to deliver the best result for you that is in alignment with the intentions behind every decision. 

  2. Assistance to your builder who is busy building your project, not researching options. Builders are busy people, busy building, they are juggling tradies, suppliers, doing the work and also planning around the weather. They might not have time to help you to research some options, especially options a designer is naturally is good and skilled at and who has the resources easily accessible to them.

  3. Peace of mind. Any changes or alterations you may make on-site need to compliant with the New Zealand Building Code and may require a building consent amendment to be lodged with the Council. You want peace of mind that sign off happens without a hitch and I am trained in the knowledge of the Budling Code, so can help to make this go smoothly

  4. 2 People with the combined experience and different perspectives. Lastly, no project is going to have zero challenges, it’s the nature of life. So wouldn’t it be better to have two heads, both experienced and skilled in buildings, but coming at it from two different perspectives on your team on your dream home process? A designer and builder working together can offer great support to you.  I love working with builders and figuring out the smartest, best way forward for you, our client. 


A great process is a journey from a great dream to a great reality. Consistency is the key to ensuring those aspirations of your dream home become the reality of your dream home. I would love to come on this journey with you so that I can help make this a great reality for you. 

To get a better undestanding of the process I use, click HERE to go to the process page, where there is more links to some additonal resources.

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