I see so many people put so much pressure on themselves to give a detailed brief to a designer for a price for their project, so much so that they miss the opportunity to capitalize on the value that a Designer can offer to the brief of their project. I also see important items such as budget, not addressed in the depth that I think they should be early on. 




I start my projects with a Design Advice Consultation to take the time to get on the same pages as you, explain the process to you in a way that you understand, identify any items that you may not have thought about and reduce the stress and fear of the unknown.

We talk about budget, the project budget and the build budget. We talk about consultants, those are the other people that will be needed on your project along the way. We talk about their approximate costs and the scope of their work. We talk about timeframes, the time required for each of the steps of the process and how you fit into the timeline to be involved in this process along with your everyday life. We talk about your site and the various constraints and opportunities that it specifically presents. And lastly, we talk about your aspirations and how this all fits together because this is about making dreams and aspirations a reality. This is the Design Brief, establishing what it is we are going to do and covers all aspects of the project so we can move forward with confidence into the Design Stage in the most sensible way for you. 

Offered with this service is a site visit and site investigation into the district plan requirements and site requirements. What I offer is a meeting with you and a detailed report capturing all these aspects, along with all my ideas I shared with you,  so you can digest this all at your leisure and be in a place to make an informed decision moving forward. 

If you think a Design Advice Consultation has value for your project and can step you in the right direction, without a major financial commitment or any pressure to proceed further, please get in touch. 

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