ACCEPT THAT YOUR TIMEFRAMES ARE ONLY YOUR TIMEFRAMES. You might want your project completed in a certain amount of time, but you are using the services of professionals who have other projects on their workload and consent processes that aren't as quick as you would like them to be. Also, be aware, you influence these timeframes as you are part of the team. 

We live in an instant gratification society. We see something we like, we buy it and we want to take it home with us right now. We have made up our minds that we want to do something and we cannot wait for it to happen. Patience is a virtue they say, it is a constant practice I have found. I am not immune to this, I also want things sorted, all lined up and done in the time frames that work for me. The reality is that doesn't always happen. 

I hear so many clients say, they want to be in their new home by Christmas. My response is usually, sure Christmas next year is totally feasible. Designing and Building a house is not a product that we see on a shelf and want to take home with us. Its a process. Its a series of stages, decisions, and processes that need to happen to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose. 

While it would easier to tell people what they want to hear with regards to timeframes and just let them figure out the truth as it inevitably reveals itself, I have this conversation right up front at a Design Advice Consultation. We have ideas of how longs things take, but this process involves many parties, most importantly you. You have a life to keep going while you are doing this design and build. You have existing commitments and responsibilities. And all of these other parties. the designer, the engineer, the bank, the local council, and the builder have their parts to play as and when they can. 

While it can be great to have a timeframe aspiration, in my experience, they are usually unrealistic. I know the type of person that rings around trying to find the designer who says "yes I can start your project tomorrow", whilst being too fixed on their time frames to consider who they are engaging. It adds a huge amount of effort and stress onto you, as your ring around trying to find someone who can give you the answer that you want to hear." It also delays your process ironically enough and misses the opportunities to find the right fit for the process. 

So breathe, accept its not going to happen as fast you as want it to. Also, be grateful for that. There are going to be so many decisions that you are going to have to make that you are unaware of. The last thing you need is to become overwhelmed by this process and get stressed out. 

Things take time, and it is better to take the time it needs to be done right than to try and find the time to fix them later on. 

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