Enjoy the process. Remember what you’re doing is something many people dream of doing and many more never think to dream about as it’s simply not in their realm. After the stress has settled, remember the funny stories – they make great dinner conversation.

I see so many people get so stressed out by this process and say never again, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We all have expectations about how this process is going to go for us, but the reality is often a slightly different story.

One of the keys to having an enjoyable process is to trust the team that you have chosen to surround yourself with. Also choose people for your team that have the skills, experience, and knowledge to support and assist you with this process, so that you can take time to get excited and enthusiastic about this, rather than overwhelmed and anxious. And then trust, engage and allow them to assist and support you.

Your Designer or Architect and your Builder with the rest of the team have done this process many times and have the vision and foresight to plan ahead, greatly reducing your stress of last-minute decisions and any feeling of overwhelm you may have with the pressure of decisions.

Creating a home that reflects your unique individuality is a luxury and here in New Zealand we are fortunate enough for some of us to afforded a stand alone or semi-detached house with private outdoor spaces far more than most countries in the world. To have a private garden and separation from your neighbour is a low density housing typology that is not as common as you may think, and will continue to become less common, so if you are building this type of house, enjoy what it can offer and enjoy what you are creating. Apartment living and city density is becoming more common place in New Zealand and this type of housing typology greatly reduces the choices that an owner / occupier can make to their spaces

Every challenge that we face gives us the opportunity to grow and allows us the opportunity to form new relationships with people This process is no different. Your relationships with your designer, builder and team will grow as well your knowledge and experience that this process offers.

Remember those “disaster” stories, the ones that you can flip over and find humour in. I once heard someone say, that you will forget how long this took, you will forget how much it has cost, but you wont forget the result. Enjoy the process, it’s a key ingredient to achieving a unforgettable result.

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