One of the things that I was pondering when designing my Small Smart Standard Plan Range, was how to accommodate firstly families changing spatial needs, facing the challenge of project budget, and facing the fear of smaller homes.


The result was the grow your home concept.


With many people struggling to afford to build their dream home, the grow your home concept allows homeowners to start with a quality build, and then grow the home as their needs, site constraints and budget allow.


It also allows flexibility when extending, having the masterplan of the home considered at the beginning. This allows additions to look intended and in style with the home.


Consideration of the future additions to a building can have the added advantage of a cost-effective addition in the future. Structural items that are cheaper to install in the initial stages can be added. Plumbing and electrical connection points provided for.


Future growth can be out and also up. When the initial space has been considered for carrying another floor, the options to expand become more affordable and more cohesive with your starter build.


And of course, you don’t need to do, if you some reason you find you didn’t need the spaces as planned, you just don’t go ahead.


For more information on the Small Smart Spaces Standard Plan Range, click here.


If you are thinking of a new build, looking to start small and add on as you and your family grows, book a complimentary 15 minute chat with me, Sharon, and we can have a chat about how Small Smart Spaces can work for you. Book Here


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