We all know that the sun's angle is different in winter and summer, even more so here in New Zealand due to our latitude, but the angle of the sun is the same for spring and autumn. The climate and therefore our homes are different, so whilst we have the same angle to work with, we have different temperature requirements. Our Autumn tends to be quite warm, and our homes when exposed to too much sun, hot. Our spring climate is temperamental, with it often still bearing the feel of winter with the tease of summer.


So, what is the solution to working with the same angle, but for various climates and varied solar control?

Adjustable shading.

We rely so much on automated systems to run our life, but this type of shading makes me excited because it gives each individual to not only tailor their interior environment but also to become more aware of climate and weather and how our external conditions affect our internal spaces.

By using adjustable shading, such as a prefabricated louver system, we can adjust the shading in Autumn to reduce the amount of sun we want to allow into our homes and open up to the sun on those cold but sunny spring days. The sun is still at the same angle for each of these seasons, but our thermal requirements differ. 

These systems too can have rain sensors and other automated systems installed in them, but fundamentally they offer us an opportunity to adjust our build environment to suit our desired comfort level by working within the climate conditions. Adaptability and understanding are key to making our spaces work better and be more comfortable for us. These systems can be designed into the Architecture to offer a great-looking solution.

If you are considering a new build or carrying out any alteration or renovation, give some consideration to what spaces overheat during various stages of the year and how best to create adaptable shading,


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