To me a business name is important. It introduces your intent before you speak.

When I started my business, I wrote down what was important to me as an Architectural Designer.

I knew that I wanted to focus on residential design because I loved the intimacy of the relationships with clients. The opportunity to get to know them, understand their aspirations, and help them achieve their dreams. So after much thought, I came up with Smart Living Spaces. Here is why.


I have a strong environmental focus across all aspects of my life, so sustainable architecture was naturally a strong principle in my design approach. Part of sustainability is being smart, using small spaces to maximum benefit, designed to suit the site and the climate conditions, and considering future-proofing. These are some of the concepts I refer to as smart.


A house is a term, it has an idea attached to the word already. I wanted to allow for creativity to come into the solutions for our homes. So I used the word living to relay that our homes are our spaces where we live. They need to support us, inspire us, and ultimately benefit us. Le Corbusier called the house the “Machine for living in,” and like all machines, there are operations and actions that need to take place to allow that machine to function well. As such our homes are spaces we live in but also have a sense of living by nature of their requirement to suit our comfort and needs.  


Architecture is a word most people understand, but I chose spaces as architecture is the creation of space. So often we view architecture as structure, when in fact it is the spaces that the structure and form create that we experience. By focusing on the spaces, we are creating, we inform the architectural structure and form.

Smart Living Spaces is about helping you create your smart space that enhances your living experience.

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Smart Living Spaces, Architectural Design with People In Mind. Creating homes in Cambridge, Hamilton, Raglan, Te Awamutu and Waikato surrounds.

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