Smart Living Spaces, Architectural Design with People in Mind. This is my company name and tag line. Here is the story behind the words.

Smart Living Spaces for me speaks of creating homes that work for us, inspire us and support us. Smart embodying a design that embraces the best it can offer, Living, referring to our use of our homes. Spaces referring to what Architecture creates and what we experience.



The tag line explains my approach. Architecture is about people, it's created by people, it's created for people. When we accept that people are core to almost everything we do, it makes sense to place a focus on them in our process.

Architecture is also a process, not a product. So much of our homes are marketed as a product, something we purchase off the shelf. Considering our homes are for many of us the largest investment we make in our lives, and one we spent the most of our time paying off, it makes sense to make sure it’s the best solution for us. One size doesn’t fit all, and having a home that works for you supports you in your happiness, health, and wealth.

Having a people-focused process allows what we create to be in alignment with a purpose that works best for people. The process informs the result.


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