In a Design Advice Consultation, one of the big things I ask my clients is “What's your budget”. Some have told me in the past that they don’t have one. That doesn’t mean that money doesn’t have a spending limit, it just means that have no idea.

Budget is key to making the right decisions when designing and building a new home or renovating an existing one.

One of the things that I discuss with my clients is the project budget vs the construction budget. There are other costs that are associated with a building project that can come as nasty and stressful surprises if not factored in early on.

Another thing we talk about is overcapitalizing. Our homes are for most of us our greatest investment and we need to be mindful that we don’t create a problem, but provide a solution.


Costs of building vary and it's impossible to know the exact amount right from the start. But if you have an idea of what to budget for, then it makes the "how-to" process far more feasible and achievable, not to mention less stressful.

If you are thinking about building or renovating your home and want an idea of what your specific project could look like in terms of budget, book a complimentary chat with me to find out about how a Design Advice Consultation can help you.

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