The process is what you need to follow to get a result. Our homes are not a product we can buy of the shelf, they are the creation that follows a process.


There are steps in the process that every build or renovation project must follow. So often I get asked for drawings right at the start, but it is not as simple as that.  There are several steps in the process that need to be completed before your project is ready for a set of drawings for the builder to price or build off.


While there are some steps that are common for all projects, like concept design, developed design and building consent documentation, there are also some steps that are required by some projects. For example, if you are doing a renovation, you will need the existing buildings to be investigated and measured up. Some projects require both building and planning permission which are each separate application made to the relevant councils.


Much of the stress and frustration that I have seen and experienced on projects in the past is with clients do not understand the process and the steps. Its important to me for my clients to understand the journey they are taking. And coupled with that, its important that language, terms and understanding is in a manner that explains all the steps, their purpose and their benefits.


This is one of the items I discuss with my clients in a Design Advice Consultation. We make sure we are all clear on what the process needs to be for their specific project. I can also answer any questions that come up and explain things in another way if needed.


The various steps in the process influence the cost of it.  Each step requires work and a specific expertise to be completed in a competent manner. And so, this conversation about process also links into the conversations about consultants and budget. And of course, your aspirations need to be brought into this as well. Its all related.


Understanding is power. And when you understand the process, it can become fun and enjoyable rather than overwhelming and stressful. 


If you want to get a clear action plan on the process for your dream home, book a complimentary chat with me, Sharon, to chat about how a Design Advice Consultation would work for you.

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