I recently found this you tube channel that explores Small Spaces around the world. As you know, small spaces in Architecture is something that not only do I believe in, but I also live in. I live and work in my small Architecturally renovated 60m2 house in Hayes Paddock in Hamilton. I have walked that road of buying a house in an expensive market and having to make decisions based on size. As such it has opened me up to experiencing small design in real life, something which I believe we will be and will continue to be getting better at. Our current mainstream Architecture design focuses on many spaces which of course increases sizes. What happens if we ask what functions we need a home to perform and they design spaces that can accommodate different functions at different times. We need to start viewing our Architecture as innovative rather than prescriptive. And with that perhaps a simplification in what we expect from our home life can bring about an easier transition. 

I loved this Video because in our busy lives we often yearn for some quiet simple time when we just have space to think and consider. Small Spaces mean that we cannot take our clutter and baggage with us and what I particularly like about this project and the initiative, is it gives someone the chance to experience a different way of living without giving up their current one. Once we experience smaller smarter living, we really understand what it's like, not what we think it could be like. 

Simple can be expressed and inspired by a simple palette of materials, clean and clear lines, clean simple furniture and fixture arrangement, and simple windows and doors that allow an uninterrupted connection to our external outside world. And when you keep things simple its easier to go smaller. 

Now, off to see if I can create my small smart space into more of a digital detox space! 


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