12 Years today, I graduated with my Bachelor of Architectural Studies. It’s a celebration moment. So often I look at what I have yet to do or do better, seldom do I look back and see how far I have come. Today I decided to take a moment and celebrate my journey so far.

12 Years ago today symbolizes the decision I chose to continue to invest in my passion and my purpose. For 4 years I worked 4 days a week in Hamilton and drove up to Auckland for 1 day a week to attend lectures and classes. For 4 years I would do 2-3 hours of study after a full days work. For 4 years I gave up weekends and social events to get my projects and assignments completed on time.

Studying and working together is hard work they said, not many people succeed. I didn’t listen.

Studying is selfish some said because I couldn’t spend time supporting my family like I had done in the past. I chose to support and honour myself.

Studying and working will put a strain on your relationship they said. It did, the cracks showed, got bigger and eventually it all broke down. I carried on.

I lost “friends”, disappointed family members, went through a break up and had to rebuild my life again after this moment but…..
I gained people in my life who got me, I made those supportive family members proud, I made space for a more supporting and understanding relationship and when I found my feet, I had the courage to start my own Architectural Design business.
I am proud of myself and today I still carry on in a career I love and believe in. Its not how hard the journey is, its how much you believe in it and you. That’s what counts.

Celebrating this moment today, it was a milestone in the journey that got me here, and after I take a moment to reflect on how far I have come, I am going to do my annual business review and look forward to what is next to come.

I hope this inspires you to stop for a moment to celebrate how far you have come.

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