Tamahere Country Barn

This concept keyed into an idea of mine which I call “Grow your own home.” We live in a now culture, where we need to build, not only for our requirements at the present, but also for any other unforeseen requirement that also ticks all the marketability of our house. This all on the budget of the present. This “Grow your home idea” was to avoid the trend of building a four bedroomed house with double garage and separate living room so that a professional couple or average family can then sell to another professional couple or average family, who like them are convinced that this is the house they should live in, not the house that would be suit them to live in. 

I am not saying dont build this, but rather build it as you have the requirement. This concept is about location, adding onto what we have as we require it, rather than having to search for what we think we require. 

The Central living wing with its gable wing has 2 bedroom wings off it as well as the garage The Gable roof structure allows once bedroom wing to be build with the living wing. As the equity in the house grows, there is opportunity to add the garage easily keying into the existing roof line. Then as the family grows a second bedroom wing can be added or the existing bedroom wind extended. 

My aspiration with this concept is that people can build a house that works for them without financially stretching themselves for something that is surplus to their requirements.


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