• We listen to your requirements and visions
  • We spend time to understand you, the site, the budget, time-frames, project restraints and your aspirations
  • We respond using a range of technical and design skills 
  • To create & develop a design solution
  • And help you realise your vision

Lets be smart, lets not change what we are doing, but look at how we are doing it

Smarter for us

Personal spaces are potentially the biggest investment we make. Our work spaces are the places we spend most of our time. When we are not spending time in our personal spaces, we are probably in our work space doing things to afford our personal space. It makes sense that given the amount of effort and time we invest, that these are comfortable, affordable and enjoyable. 

Let's not forgot who they were created for in the first place. 

Smarter Healthier Design

Green Architecture is now a common phrase. Smart design is about creating spaces that work with the surrounding environment along with the people who use them to achieve a standard of lifestyle that we have come to expect in the developed world. 

Le Corbusier, described the house as “the machine for living in.” 

Our machines (spaces) need to be user friendly, comfortable and affordable to create and to maintain. 

Site Specific Design

Consider architectural design as series of different sized circles  that put together in an arrangement to form relationships with each other. Some overlap, some just touch and others need to be kept away. Together these circles create a collaborated form which in turn forms relationships to the spaces outside it. Its all connected. The spaces we create and their relationship to each other and those around it are important. 

To get the best out of the site / building / space consideration needs to be give to environmental factors such as the sun and wind. Then there is movements outside, inside and through both human and vehicle. The existing conditions and local district plan guidelines are also influential. Our response to these these provide a unique site specific solution.

To get the best out of what you have we need to respond to your existing conditions, you aspirations, changeable elements and uncontrollable elements in mind. 

Smarter Spaces Smaller

Size is a dominate factor in buying, selling, building and renovating our spaces today.  But what if you could make a smaller space work just as well as a larger space. Smart design is about reducing the volume of space created without compromising the space required. This has benefits for the build cost as well as on going maintenance costs. 

Its not about how much we have to use but how well we use what we have got. Quality over quantity.

Sharon really listened to our ideas and used her artistic flair to create a beautiful home for us. We feel like we are living in an award wining home. We have created our dream lifestyle. Everythings works. 

Tony - Mystery Creek Farmhouse


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