It starts with a dream. Dont forget to dream and have fun getting to understand what you want to feel like in your new home. 

Then a phone call or an email. I understand you want to do your homework, so if you need additonal information emailed out to you, I can do that for you to help you make an informed decision. 

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Design Advise Consultation

This is "What do I want to do" stage. This is a design brief exercise and we talk about many things including your budget, the build budget, timeframes and your aspirations and wish list.  I understand this can be a stressful and confusing process to embark on, and I am here to help you using my skills, experience and knowledge as much as I can. 

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Concept and Developed Design 

The next step is to start to see what this design brief looks like in 3Dimensions on your site. This is the Concept Design and Developed Design Stages or the "What does this look like" stage. Through this process we develope more detail about what your dream looks like. We can also get an estimated cost of the build, to see that we are tracking in alignment with your budget. And its a great stage to start talking to lenders and banks to get more certainty. 

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Building Consent Documentation

Next we get really detailed and document instructions on how to build your dream home. This is the "How this goes together"  stage. While we get permission to build from your Building Consent Authority, we bring your builder (if they are not already on the team)  into the team so he can build your dream home. 

To read more about Building Consent Documentation click HERE

To read more about Building Consent at Council click HERE


On Site Observation

On site your dream starts to develope in reality before your eyes. I am still here, giving you and your builder support, offering advise and ensuring that those dreams you started with are really happening in alignment with your orginal aspirations.

To learn more about Site Observation cilck HERE

Then that day arrives, you open the door of your new dream home and step inside. The ultimate goal is that what is realised exceeds your aspriations and your expectations stated at the begining of this process. Thats whats my goal is for your project. 


If you are interested in taking the first step, and what to chat or arrange for a Design Advice Consultation with me either call me on 021 541 640 or click HERE to send me an email

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