More and more we are experiencing freedom to choose where to retire to. Family baches are common and are often built with the end goal to retire to the beach. Coupled with the idea of down sizing, there is the challange of acommodating all the family together during our holiday times. Simularily, some families are simply looking for a 3 bedroom housing model accepting that the 4 bedrooms, double garage, separate living room model of todays sub-urban developement is outside their budget capacity. 

Smaller spaces have gained a fearful reputation as being chaotropic and compromised, but that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more families are moving towards the 3 bedroom model popular in the 1970s and are not requiring the additonal living spaces and ensuite immediately. Cars are parked outside and garages are more and more becoming workshop or storage spaces for items such as boat. A garage workshop space also allows for a home based business to be accommodated if too large or messy to be accommodated in the spare room. By seeking to design to individual requirements rather that market dictators and to reduce the single use floor space by as much as possible, we can reduce our house footprint without compromise. Its about using space smartly and thinking of it as a resource to be valued and carefully considered. 

Extension and additions are part of a building’s life. Our way of living and our housing requirements are always going to change. Some are upsizing to accommodate a growing family whilst others are downsizing to accommodate retirement. It is critical to consider how a design can grow or shrink to accommodate a diverse market of individuals. External factors like schools, amenities and neighbourhoods are become more valued and if a design can accommodate changing needs, these external resources don’t have to be swapped or given up. It’s about designing out compromise as much as possible whilst staying within the limitations of reality. 

Small smart space #2 was designed with an beach  setting in mind for a small family wanting to own their house or a couple ultimating wanting to invest in a family bach / retirement house. Larger scaler developers wanting to provide basic family dwellings to cater for the changing market demands. 

The three-bedroom wing with a separate bathroom toilet can be increased with additional bedrooms. The bathroom can be easily converted into an accessible layout that’s wheelchair friendly.  The shower has a exterior door to allow for "sandy" entrance, making it versatile for beach or rural living. 

The living area can be extended to include a separate living space, home office or spare room. The design can have the garage left off easily to allow for that to be added later or simply added as a carport with storage capacity. 


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