Are you looking for a small 2-bedroom home that can start you off on the property market? Or have space for a small 2-bedroom rental to put on your existing site.

I started on the property ladder with a 2-bedroom house, so I asked myself what I would want if I was in your situation.


Designed as a single long shape, this has an open plan living, kitchen dining area and 2 bedrooms. Kitchen and Bathroom Services are clustered to reduce cost and increase efficiency.


Able to be extended in a multitude of directions this can use what I call the “Grow your home” design aspect. This expansion can be factored in at the master plan stage, so that the additions can happen in the easiest and most cost-effective way. Carport, Garage, Home Office, Separate Formal Living Area, Additional Bedrooms, Master Bedroom and Ensuite can be added either now, or later when the funds and needs become available. This design is customisable to suit your individual and unique requirements.


Different materials than shown can be used so that you get the exact look and feel of your home that want, that reflects your style and taste.


The size of this design makes it possible to be manufactured off site, if part or in whole, which might offer more economy to your build. This can reduce construction waste, travel times, and reduce weather delays to your project.


Rooms: Open Plan Living / Kitchen

             2 Bedrooms

            Corridor Laundry

           1 x Bathroom

Floor Area: 100m2

Dimensions: 18.6 x 5.8 m


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